WILDER Knocks Out BREAZEALE in Firts Round

Wilder Knocks Out Breazeale

Dominic Breazeale as a compulsory challenger in the fight for the WBC Heavyweight Champion title and also as a revenge against Deontay Wilder must discourage him

Wilder had landed a brutal right hand

In the first round Wilder had landed a brutal right hand blow into Breazeale’s chin and made him splatter on the canvas. Harvey Dock, the referee of the match, immediately stopped the fight after seeing Breazeale’s eyes that had risen to their feet.

Breazeale splatter on the canvas

After a week of controversy between them. Wilder was criticized for threatening the life of the Breazeale and advising Breazeale to have his family make funeral arrangements. But the two of them finally embraced after the fight.


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